How to be a successful motivational speaker

Being a motivational speaker is not easy. You have to be a good public speaker, and public speaking is not the forte of very many people. You will constantly be asked to be the keynote speaker at seminars, conventions, and other events, which can contain up to thousands of attendants. The basic skeleton of your presentation will continually have to be customized in order to meet the needs of the specific audience. On top of all that, you have to have an edge over other speakers. What makes your story any different from the rest? What ideas do you have on motivation, performance and behavior that will have corporations pining for you to be a keynote speaker at their next conference? In order to be successful as a motivator, visit also here are a few steps that aspiring speakers should follow.

1.Select the topic that you want to discuss with the public.

Typically, a motivational speaker is hired by a company so that he can talk about strategies for company growth, but success can be seen in a variety of aspects in life, like in relationships, finances, and personal development. Choose the topic you feel that you have the most insight in.

2.Make sure your key points and overall message is relevant to present circumstances.

You have to make sure you are up to date with whatever trends that are happening in your new area of expertise. Your understanding of the subject has to be applicable to the present. This will require additional research as well as staying up-to-date with your field.

3.Identify your audience.

Who is your speech for? You will come across different kinds of audiences, so learn how to be flexible with your methods of communication and delivery of your message.

4.Improve your public speaking skills.

Keynote speakerNo matter how good you were on your college debate team or the number of speeches you have delivered throughout your career, it’s recommended to take public speaking classes. Just as it was mentioned before, every audience is different and you will have to learn how to adjust without panicking. You will have to speak in front of large groups and sometimes you will be expected to speak in a more intimate setting. Another way to improve your skills is by recording yourself so you can have a look firsthand what exactly it is you need to change. Writing is also a helpful activity, and a written guide or pamphlet serves a guide for audience members during your presentation. Share your written works on a blog or website.

5.Think about your presentation.

Having a presentation in the background can really boost your speech, but remember to choose tools and devices that you are familiar with to avoid any technical errors, especially while delivering your speech as a keynote speaker.

6.Make yourself known. Promote yourself.

As you are starting off, you will have to find an appropriate venue for your presentations. When you’re invited as a keynote speaker at an event, this trouble is off your hands, but for now, find a conference room or an auditorium, depending on the size of your audience. Then market yourself with posters, ads, brochures, cheap tickets, or even free tickets as a starting point. You should also sign up on bureaus for speakers and potentially find conventions and seminars that you can offer your presentations to.

7.Lastly, ask for feedback from your audience.

Take in the feedback from your audience, adjust your presentations if you have to, and post positive testimonials on your brochures as well as your blog or website.

Keep following these steps throughout your career and you should be golden.

Characteristics of Printed Circuit Boards


Printed circuit boards or PCBs are thin copper plates where chips and other electronic components are located.  They offer mechanical and electronic support and interconnection of various devices.


pcbnetThe number of copper layers that can be found on a circuit board can range from one layer, two layers, and even multiple copper layers. Conductors and resistors are embedded in the different layers on advanced PCBs. These conductive tracks are then connected with plated-through wholes commonly referred to as vias. The finished circuit board is composed of one printed side and the opposite component side.  Component leads are affixed to the component side of the plate using the molten solder from a wave-soldering machine.


Alternative methods of producing circuit boards include wire wrap, turret, boards, and point-to-point construction. However, the ease of large scale manufacture and assembly has made PCBs the preferred method for cheap and fast circuit board production. This is despite the fact that they are more tedious to design and layout.  In addition, automated assembly lessens the chances of wiring errors that could be committed from manual construction.


Although it is no longer commonly used, the correct term for a PCB that is only composed of copper wiring or connections is printed wiring board or etched wiring board.On the other hand, a circuit board occupied by a number of electronic components is called printed circuit assembly or PCB assembly, are also more generally known simply as cards or adapters although the term PCB is used unofficially for both unfinished and assembled boards. Aside from these different names, it should also be noted that many computers often consist of one or more cards that fall into one of several categories.


The first and most recognized type of printed circuit board in computers and other expandable systems is known as the motherboard. As the name suggests, motherboards are the mother of many of the major electronic components of the computer such as the CPU and RAM as well as other minor controllers. They are referred to as main boards or system boards when no additional expansion capability is offered by the single board such as in the case with washing machines. In addition, they provide connectors for the attachment of peripheral devices.


The second type of printed circuit boards is the expansion board. Expansion boards facilitate the flow of information between the motherboard and other devices attached to a computer system. These devices include controller boards, LAN cards and video adapters.


Controller boards are a special type of expansion board that literally allows you to control any device attached to a motherboard. On the other hand, Network Interface Cards enable your computer to connect to a local-area network or LAN.  Finally, video adapters allow you to control graphics monitors attached to your PC.


The third type of printed circuit boards is called daughter board or daughter card. These circuit boards are meant to be an extension or daughter mainly of the motherboard, but they also occasionally attach to other boards. Compared to the expansion board however, they can provide direct access to the internal hardware without the use of a computer bus. They can also save manufacturers the hassle of overhauling an outdated model by simply accommodating innovations added to a new model. Daughter cards can also be called riser cards when they are used to maintain a computer’s slim form by allowing expansion cards to fit parallel to the motherboard.


Printed circuit boards can look relatively similar to those with untrained eyes and those unfamiliar with their different types and functions. However regardless of these technical limitations, it is undeniable that all of the various forms of circuit board sserve vital functions that provide us with great convenience in using our electronic devices.Even though these boards are hidden deep within the confines of your gadgets, it is still important to recognize their contributions in your day-to-day activities.

Losing Weight With Help – How The Best HCG Drops Make a Difference

Losing weight is sometimes cut and dry. Some people are able to move forward with just exercise and diet alone. For those people, there is no need to look into anything else, but that’s not the story that everyone has. You may be experiencing that right now. There’s a great issue for many in regards to losing fat cells. If you chase this in the traditional sense, and you do not see results, you may find yourself dealing with a great deal of problems. It’s for that reason why you may want to look into a way to supplement your attempt to go forward. There are some ways that you can make a difference, and it’s found with working with your body, and helping boost the systems that are normal within your overall system.

The Lifestyle Change

best hcg dropsFirst and foremost, you have to work on lifestyle change. Changing the lifestyle that you have in place is a good thing, but do not do so with something too drastic. The drastic things that many people chase is something that is not only bad, but it’s not necessarily going to give you long term solutions. Instead, look at making small changes, and create something substantial overall. When you look at smaller changes, you will end up with a positive overview, and could possibly gain serious leverage. Take time to look at what you’re eating, how you’re eating, and then look at small steps towards boosting your immune system, and supplementing your vitamins and minerals. One supplement that you should consider is the best hcg drops.

HCG And Weight Loss

HCG is a weight loss solution that is going to help you do things naturally. The natural elements within this occur in the body. When the body’s metabolic rate comes through within a variety of different hormonal balances, fat gets metabolized. With the changes that occur here, you may be able to get a boost through supplementing the balance a bit. With the use of the best hcg drops, you will be able to give you a boost in the same manner that your body already works through, giving you a better balance overall. Losing weight becomes a lot easier than you may think.

The Diet Clause

For those that aren’t familiar with this type of supplement at all, it’s important to also consider diet. Dieting with this in mind is a matter of caloric drops. When you drop caloric intake, and you sprinkle in some exercise, you will end up with a positive outcome overall. Dieting alone doesn’t do the same thing that supplements will help you with, but it can help boost things overall. That’s the goal that you are going to be chasing when working on these elements overall. When you use diet and exercise, and then add a bit of natural supplements, your results will fall in line with what your body’s already doing. It metabolizes fat and creates substantial benefits down the line.

At the end of the day, you want results, and that’s what occurs with the use of these supplements and focus on the right elements overall. If you’re serious about losing weight, and you want to get leverage, then you have to look into this. If you test it out and you see results, you will join millions of people that have been able to harness the power of the metabolism, without worry. Just test the waters, and see why so many are going this route, and how you too could gain a handle on your overall goals for losing true fat today.

With the use of the best hcg drops, you will be able to give a boost that your body already works through, giving you a better balance overall.

Benefits of a Loan Modification

A house is one of or life’s biggest expenses and paying for that house with a particular amount every month and for the next 30 or so years can be financially draining. There may even be times – especially during economic recessions – when that monthly amount may even be too much for the homeowner. This can lead to payment defaults and the eventual foreclosure. In order to prevent such financial catastrophes, there are lenders and banks that offer services like loan or mortgage modifications. Such service is offered throughout the country, including in Long Island, New York.

What constitutes a Long Island loan modification and how is this beneficial to the homeowner? The mortgage modification is an option intended for homeowner who struggle to pay their monthly mortgage. It is a process wherein the mortgage’s terms are changed outside the original contract terms that were initially agreed upon by the borrower and the lender. Normally, one turns to a loan modification whenever the borrower is faced with the prospect of foreclosure. It is not always the case. If one is financially struggling, a mortgage modification can help in reducing monthly payments and lets the borrower still keep the home.

Long Island loan modificationHow is a Long Island loan modification beneficial? Mortgages are modified to the borrower’s benefit in several ways. The interest rate is reduced or the loan may be changed to a fixed rate instead of a floating rate. The principal amount of the loan may even be reduced and late penalties or other fees are reduced. The length of the loan term may be extended, which means lower monthly payments. Another benefit is capping monthly amortizations to a percentage of the income of the household. Another benefit of a Long Island loan modification is the principal forbearance program.

At the time the borrower is applying to modify the loan, the borrower may be current, in bankruptcy, in default, in foreclosure, or even late in complying with the monthly payments. To the homeowner, the process of modifying the loan can be both daunting and overwhelming. To make the application process easier and bearable, the homeowner would be wise to hire the services of a real estate lawyer when applying for a loan alteration. The truth is that representatives of banks promptly respond to a lawyer than they do a homeowner. Moreover, lawyers know more about the legal issues that may be used to help in the negotiations.

In order to make the process of a Long Island loan modification application easier, the lawyer will accomplish the application forms, gather the necessary documents, and send a complete package to the bank or the lender. After submitting the requirements, the lawyer will talk to the bank representative on the borrower’s behalf and follow up continually with the bank representative until a decision has been made.

There are a lot of legalities involved when it comes modifying mortgages; thus, the services of a qualified real estate attorney are essential. If a homeowner would seek to discuss legal issues concerning real estate or have his or her Long Island loan modification facilitated, the homeowner should set an appointment with the lawyer.

Keeping one’s home is very important and one move can mean the difference between losing one’s home to foreclosure and keeping it. The latter is always the batter option. In order to avoid financial pitfalls and lose one’s home, the loan modification is always a viable option. There are many other options. However, it is best for the homeowner to consult with the real estate lawyer and know what the available options are. All it takes is one call on the homeowner’s part.

Mix and Match: What constitutes a great lanyard?

Nowadays, there a lot of traditionally designed lanyards that allow individuals to keep their identification cards, keys, cellular phones and water bottles close by without having to carry a bag or purse. But what if you wanted to have a lanyard that has your design on it? For example, instead of a logo or image of a famous company or movie star, you may want your lanyard to have your name on it. You may even think of designing a lanyard in such a way that your classmates will be delighted because, instead of a well-known brand on the lanyard’s face, it has the name of your class section or batch year.

On another note, you could be thinking of how to boost your company’s identity, or spread your team’s name to those outside of your group. You decide that custom lanyards are the answer. But how do you make one? How do you know which parts to mix with others in order to create something durable and pleasing to the eye?

The Different Lanyard Materials

custom lanyardsThere are six basic lanyard materials you will have to acquaint yourself with in order to learn which one is the best type for your purpose.In a nutshell, the six basic lanyard materials are: nylon, polyester, tubular, cord or shoestring, dye-sublimated and woven lanyards. The strength and durability of your lanyard will depend on the type of material you choose. Here are a few things to remember about each type.

Tubular lanyards are the most economical compared to the other five types. They are best used for short events. Students and other non-profit organizations will find that these lanyards are the best match for them.

Nylon lanyards are known for their sheen, high-quality look and their comfort. If you are not a tight budget, it would be a wise move to invest in this lanyard type.

Woven lanyards are often chosen for their classy incorporation of design and lanyard fabric. They are moderately priced and come in different color combinations.

Dye-sublimated lanyards are the most expensive lanyard type in the market today. This is because of the process they undergo for design and durability. If you are looking for high class performance and quality, go for dye-sublimated custom lanyards.

Cord or shoestring lanyards are the newest addition to most lanyard shops. They are comfortable to wear and take up less space than all other lanyard types. If you’re looking for a modern appearance, choose this type of lanyard.

Last but not the least, polyester lanyards are perhaps the most popular type of lanyards in the entire country. They offer each user a great compromise between quality, appearance and cost.

The Different Attachments for Lanyards

Custom lanyards can be created with multiple attachments added to the basic material. These attachments add flare and functionality to each lanyard. Here are a few of the attachments most lanyard stores will have for you.

First are the attachments you can use for identification cards and other small items like keys. These attachments fall under the umbrella term “hooks” and come in various designs. For example, there are bull dog clips, swivel j hooks, thumb triggers and key rings. These attachments usually come free.

The second class of attachments is focused on expanding the functionality of your custom lanyards. This class includes the cellphone loop and water bottle clip.

Lastly, the third class of attachments is designed to increase comfort and safety whenever you wear your lanyard. This class includes the safety breakaway, buckle release, and the adjustment bead.

The mixing and matching of these different items is totally up to you when it comes to custom lanyards. However, you should also consider your budget, purpose, and the advice of your lanyard supplier.

Stress-Free Home Inspection in Great Neck Real Estate

It is true that purchasing a home can be a very stressful and sometimes frustrating experience. But that doesn’t mean you have to succumb to the challenge and throw yourself on your bed every night just because house hunting takes its toll on your energy and patience. Take some time to read the article, so you can have a stress-free home inspection in Great Neck real estate, or in any other communities that you would want to check out.


Before anything else, you should know that investing on a professional home inspection service can save you from frustrations and a waste of money, so consider it as an important aspect of your house-hunting plan.


With professional home inspection, you are provided with an unbiased and expert assessment on the overall condition and quality of the house that you are about to buy. Of course, second opinion from family members or friends who go with you to inspect the house in person can help, but home inspection services provide professional opinions that can help you in the purchasing process. Great Neck real estate and other properties as well offer home inspection contractors aside from houses and properties for sale.


Usually, your hired inspector will put together a plan to assess the house in general. You can request to work hand in hand with your contractor, and he will then start his visual inspection. Most of the time, Great Neck real estate home inspectors can take up as long as three hours to tackle the visual inspection alone.


Great Neck real estateDepending on the size and the number of floors of the house in question, the inspection can extend up to five hours or more. To make the most out of the field day, try to accompany your inspector so you won’t miss out a thing and you can ask questions during the inspection as well. Your contractor will try his very best to answer all your queries so don’t hesitate to raise questions as you inspect the house.


When you accompany your home inspection service provider during the assessment of the house, you can familiarize yourself with the plumbing system, the electrical installation, and other systems essential in the completeness of the house. Ask your inspector to orient you with things that are unfamiliar to you with regards to the house; after all, you’re paying for your satisfaction.


In Great Neck real estate and other residential areas in New York, home inspectors usually assess the condition of the roof or attic, the entire framing system of the house, and the foundation as well, especially if you’re buying an old house. Don’t forget about the walls, the ventilation, electric, and plumbing systems, plus all the rooms that are to be used for a resident or family’s activities of daily living such the kitchen, living room, bed and bath. You may have additional amenities in the house like a private sauna, spa, Jacuzzi, walk-in closet or fridge, your home inspector will take charge of all these.


If you want, you can also do your homework and research about home inspection on the internet and home improvement books and journals first. This way, you can write down and prepare your questions in advance before you meet up with your contractor. Ensure a harmonious working relationship with the professionals who work for you. This way, you will be rewarded with the most ideal house that you’ve always dreamt about with their help.

How Military Members Acquire Challenge Coins

Every member of the military always tries to go the extra mile, above and beyond the call of duty. They are determined to carry out the best performance that they could ever do in every circumstance that requires their service. This quality of military members is a vital aspect that contributes greatly to the achievement of their goals and missions. This also allows them to deliver exceptional acts of service not only to their specific unit but also to the entire country.

To give back somehow to the effort, hard work and commitment shown by military members, their units as well as the national government have to acknowledge all the good things that soldiers do. In this sense, one of the greatest and most meaningful ways of commending the exceptional acts done by soldiers is by awarding challenge coins to them.

These coins are also known for other different names such as unit coins, military coins, memorial coins, commander coins and collector coins. However, it does not matter how you want to refer to these items. One thing is for certain, they present an enormous level of significance to all members of the military. These coins denote self-respect, agreement, comradeship and honor.

The commanding officer of military units is usually the person accountable for presenting these military challenge coins to deserving soldiers. Other members of the military who hold high positions in the organization can also do the awarding of these coins to outstanding military members. Regardless of the officer who presents this form of recognition, it would be highly valuable as they honor the outstanding performance given by committed soldiers.

Military members who are dedicated to delivering selfless service to the country definitely deserve to be commended with these military coins. They fight for the liberty of the country with all their might in spite of the fact that they could lose their lives in the dangerous missions and operations. For this reason, the government and its citizens should find a way to express somehow their appreciation for all the selfless acts done by members of the military.

Challenge CoinsPresenting military challenge coins to deserving members of the military is one of the most meaningful ways on how the whole country can show their appreciation for the indisputable service offered by these selfless people. While a firm handshake or a verbal expression or gratitude would do, it would be a better idea to award these military coins, as they are tangible. This means that these items can last for a long time in the hands of the recipient. This also means that the memories of the services given by these outstanding members of the military will remain even they have already completed their service.

Recipients of these military coins consider these items as their heart and soul. These coins are highly essential to the lives of members of the military as they signify their honor and pride. While some people think that the significance of these items can only last as long as the recipient lives, those people are wrong. The real value of military challenge coins remain longer than the lives of the soldiers who acquired them. These military coins can also be given to the family of soldiers who have fallen.

Military members who have lost their lives in wars can carry their honor and pride down to their grave. These coins would serve as a constant reminder of the selflessness and the ultimate sacrifice given by fallen comrades. On the other hand, soldiers who are able to complete their missions come back to their homes with priceless possessions. These prized possessions include dog tags, wedding rings, challenge coins and learning experiences.

Author Bio:

Challenge coins have a distinguished history, dating back at least to World War I. If you’re shopping for military coins, Challenge Coins 4 Less is your one-stop, no-hassle solution to all your custom coin needs!

Advantages of OSTA SARMS

What are SARMs?

SARM is an acronym that stands for Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators. These are chemicals that can be an alternative to testosterone chemicals or anabolic steroids. They are used for introducing testosterone to select parts of the body and can be used to avoid some of the adverse effects of steroids. Steroids, as you might have already known, are harmful to the body because they can cause jaundice, baldness, and enlargement of the heart. Unfortunately, steroid abuse is still prevalent especially among professions which require a huge built and a large body mass. With SARMS, the negative risks are reduced because they limit their effects to certain androgenic receptors in the body.

Enter osta SARM

osta sarmsOsta SARMs are among the products that are available under the SARMs umbrella. They focus on skeletal muscles and, as state above, can help reduce the risks of the adverse effects of steroid in one’s body. With this, it can be said that osta is a good choice if you are worried about dealing with the negative effects of steroids. Osta SARM’s prime ingredient is ostarine. Ostarine allows the body to gain muscle but it gives off a very positive effect on one’s bones and joints.


Aside from the potential reduction of negative effects to one’s body, osta SARMs also have the following benefits:

No Overdose

Unlike other steroids, osta SARMs can only be taken once during the day and having this kind of prescription makes overdosage unlikely. However, discussion with your doctor may still prove to be necessary.

Easy intake

Since the drug is orally taken, it is more convenient to be taken compared to other anabolic steroids which need to be injected directly to your body. Sometimes, these procedures can cause other complications too.

Elimination of pre cycle and on cycle supports

After or before taking the drug, some steroids require pre-cycle or on-cycle therapies to support the intake of the drug. With osta SARMs, these cycles are rid off, leaving you to focus more on other activities. Also, these effectively reduce the cost of muscle gain.

Improvement of joint movement

These results can be achieved after only 6-9 days! The quick effect of the drug is very appealing especially those who are looking to gain muscle mass quickly. This effect comes as a result of not having effects to non-skeletal muscle tissues.

Improves sense of well being

The drug provides an improvement of one’s sense of wellbeing as it improves the body’s muscle gain. The feeling of wellness is very evident just a few days after taking the drug and is sure to add to one’s confidence, making one feel tougher and more ready for anything.

Lesser toxicity than S4

S4, another SARMS product, is more toxic compared to osta SARM which proves that the latter is a much safer alternative. This is possible since the metabolic M1, which is believed to have been causing temporary ocular disturbances, is absent in ostarin. It also does not give off androgenic properties to non muscle tissues.

Is it effective?

With all the advantages surrounding osta SARMs, is it worth it and is it effective? It surely is! Being able to simultaneously increase your body’s muscle mass while keeping yourself safe is a tremendous advancement in bodybuilding. A lot of bodybuilders can tell you their experiences with the drug with a quick internet search. The drug is also widely available and easy to obtain. However, like before taking any other kind of drug, it is better to have a thorough conversation with your doctor to ensure that you will be safe and well.<?p>